Consistency Checks

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Utility module that can find various inconsistencies in your store and helps you fix them. 

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This is simple utility module that can help you find inconsistencies in your store. And it can fix most of them as well.

When you first install you store it works very well. There are almost no bugs or issues, everything run smooth. But, over the time, this changes. Your store can become sluggish, you can experience weird issues, etc...

Some of these problems are just fact of life. For example, the more data you have in your database, the slower your server will be. There is not much you can do about these. Other issues are caused by your installed modules. Only experienced developer can help you fix them.

But there are problems that can be fixed quite easily. For example, entries left in the database after you uninstalled some module. Extra php files that should not be on your system. Non-existing images still lurking in your database. And much more

This module was developed specifically for thirtybees platform. You can, however, use it on prestashop 1.6 and 1.7 platforms as well. But be aware, on these platforms (especially prestashop 1.7) some checks might not work as expected, because the semantics are different

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